Clean air and emissions
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for sub-surface engineering

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Airflo Dynamics is a beating heart in occupational health and hygiene, bringing together progressive and leading technologies in air pollution control. Our focus is where you are right now and how occupational air pollution is likely to affect you. Air pollution challenges don’t go away, they are just better managed and effective air quality management means you have identified the problem, you’re monitoring it, you’re measuring it and you have the means to control it. 

Or we can do it for you.

 Increasingly stringent regulations and growing public awareness and expectations of consistent improvement are key in driving occupational hygiene standards. As a result, the effects of broadening responsibilities and tightening accountability are being shouldered by already stretched employers. 

There is no short-cut but we do provide you with an alternative route.


Real-time air monitoring solutions delivering valuable data directly into the hands of decision-makers


Retro-fit abatement controls, fuels and fuel treatments, spurred on by stringent emissions legislation


Primary and auxiliary ventilation systems, dust and fume control systems and monitoring


Mobile equipment for rapid mobilisation of climate control solutions when and where needed

work right.
breathe right.
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Working with employers for nearly 50 years tackling industrial

air pollution head-on for the good of humanity and the environment