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Clean air and emissions control for pharmaceutical and healthcare environments

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The focus of Airflo Dynamics is on clean air and emissions control and the advancement of abatement technologies. Maintaining a healthy and sustainable working environment means stabilising airborne pollution at safe working concentrations and limiting personal exposure.

Constant real-time
monitoring delivering
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Our success lies in listening to you and understanding your needs and concerns, in order to provide you with practical and realistic solutions in accordance with the relevant regulations

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Air quality products

A commitment to providing a practical service to facilities and healthcare has led to the continuing research and development of some of the most innovative products in air pollution control

Constant real-time air quality monitoring

Real-time monitoring for safety and protection of personnel and machinery, delivering valuable intelligence directly into the hands of decision-makers

Dust and fume filtration

Mobile and static extraction and filter systems, providing solutions to a wide range of air pollution control applications

Diesel exhaust emissions

Monitoring and control of diesel engine exhaust emissions, including fuels and fuel treatments and abatement technologies

Cooling and climate control

Using 3D simulation modelling ensures accurate specifying of ventilation systems, meeting regulations with optimum operating efficiencies